First heightmap render

Camera works now

Brush for editing implemented

Map Smoothing implemented

Lighting: Normals calculated per Quad

Lighting: Adjusted lighting direction

Simple ground texture applied

Changed ground texture to sand

Switched to rendering via Displaylists. about 10x speedup. Whole map renderable.

Water: Added a simple transparent water plane

Lighting: Smoothed out Normals

Water: Added Reflection map. Projective texturing an upside-down image onto the water plane.

Water: Added Refraction map and Distorion. Projective texturing scene below water onto waterplane.

Blue border glitch visible

Blue border glitch fixed

Heightmap importing

Heightmap from Wikipedia ;)

Simple Auto-Terrain-Texturing by specifying heightlevels and textures. Blending between levels.

Wikipedia map, autotextured

Imported high-quality 200MB texturemap together with corresponding heightmap. Switched of own lighting, because lighting was baked into texturemap.

Switched to Trianglestrip rendering instead of Quads

Hydraulic Erosion. Multistage autotexturing. New Brush rendering. Gouraud-Smoothed autotexturing.

Wikipedia map. Hydraulic eroded and autotextured

Expanded autotexturing based on gouraud-smoothed steepness values, used for blending a steep and flat texture for a specific heightlevel

Experimenting with TTD'izing the map :)

Many speed improvements. 2048x2048 Heightmap with Blocksize of 64. FPS: DL-LOD 66, DL+LOD 360, VBO-LOD: 48, VBO+LOD: 255

Implemented Loading and Rendering of .s3o models

Added alpha to .s3o models. Speed improvements.

Many many things on editing side. Added Export/Import/Display/Edit of: Metal/Slope/Type/Vegetation/Feature/Texturemaps. Direct Export to Spring SM2 Mapformat. TDF import(Features). Switched to SWT.

Different maps overlayed onto main rendering view.

Added Feature Selection dialog, with dynamic rendered feature images

Added Texture Selection dialog

Added Brush Selection dialog

SM2 map import progress: heightmap of a very well known map (credits to the author)

SM2 map import finished. heightmap, texturemap, metalmap, typemap, vegetationmap, (again credits to the author ;) )

Texture stamping respects the alpha from loaded texture now. Used for shown metal-patches

Option to Blend-in Texturemap into other Views. Image: Texturemap blended into Metalmap

The new startlogo, generously created by KaiserJ

Implemented texture blending via brushes

Added Diamond-Square Terrain Generation

Added faster alternative Wet erosion

Added Prefab placement for textures and heightmap

Added Prefab rotation

Showing multilevel Prefabs

Added Prefab Selection Dialog

Added 16 bit Pattern loading. From left to right: 8bit blurred, 8bit original, 16bit blurred